Whose Crown Is It Anyway?

Our once a month, improv comedy show at the Oxford Pegasus Theatre.

There is only ONE show left in 2013!      Full details below.

The Show that we sometimes perform in Oxford



Show Description


In the first half, ten improvisers will compete against each other, performing in scenes that the audience score; using a clapometer. These scenes are set up and directed by myself (Kevin Tomlinson). The improviser with the highest score at the end of the first half, wins the GOLDEN IMPROV CROWN.

In the second half, a new set of performers will compete against each other! And the audience will score the scenes and a winner will be found. At the end of the show, the two winners will go Head-to-Head, to see who is the overall winner!


The Audience


At the end of the evening, the audience will leave a KEPOW! show with "massive smiles on their faces" (The Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival review). Come along, enjoy the fun and decide who gets to wear the Golden Crown of Improv! 



Director - Kevin Tomlinson

Host - Abi Hood


Cast List